Get Involved. Join A Ministry!

Breakthrough Sanctuary offers a wide range of ministries for each family member to get connected and grow closer to God. We encourage you to get involved. Church is much more than a Sunday morning experience. Join a ministry to really get to know your church family, and to make serving the Lord a bigger part of your everyday life. God has equipped each of us with talents and gifts that He wants to use to expand his kingdom.


This ministry unit of the church charged with the mission of using various channels to actively share the gospel with unsaved members of our community and lead the whole church in winning lost souls for Christ.


This unit employs different ways to ensure effective reception of God’s word and ministrations in church.

Children's Ministry

This is where how children are nurtured and brought up in the way of the Lord.

Excellent Men's Fellowship

Men are the head of the home as Christ is the head of the Church, therefore Amazing Grace Chapel men are a powerful unit within the Church providing support to the work of God and the women in Church.


The sisters’ fellowship meets regularly to discuss issues that pertain to the women in the house, to provide support for each other. This is the sister’s corner and all ladies are welcome.


They minister in songs, leading the church as we give glory to God in praise and worship.


This is the intercessory ministry that stands in the gap in the place of prayer to enforce the manifestation of God’s counsel.


They maintain order and coordination of meetings in church.


This unit cares for the wellbeing of members both during meetings and generally.

Get Involved.

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